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Why Do I Need to Know What Is My House Foundation Type?

At ROOTERWORX we specialize in many types of foundation repairs, wet basements fixing, structural foundation repairs. What type is your house foundation?
Why does it matter to know all about your house foundation? Should you know that it is poured concrete foundation or river stone foundation or even brick foundation? We tell you that it matters because your house is standing on it. Any harm or damage to the foundation is an alarming bell for the safety of the house. So, you need to know what is my house foundation type? Often you do not need to pay attention to the foundation of your house when you rent it. But soon it becomes the center of your attention when you notice water seepage or cracks in the foundation walls. You need to search for how to repair a foundation wall. This is a serious issue and only professionals can assist you the best. ROOTERWORX offers skillful services for all types of foundation repair. So, let us know in detail your foundation type and issues that you can experience with it.

What Is My House Foundation Type?

Do you notice signs of mold or mildew in your foundation? And wonder as what is my house foundation type? If you notice leaks, check if your home is standing on a cinder block foundation. Some old houses have a river stone foundation. This foundation is strong and does not trouble you much. But rarely it develops some leak in a specific place where some water seeps in when heavy rains fall. You need partial repair for this leak. A poured concrete foundation is long-lasting. But if your home is older than fifty or sixty years, you may see signs of inward-tipping or cracking of foundation walls that are signs of structural foundation issues.

Tree roots or water can impose pressure on a brick foundation and it may bow inward or collapse. If you experience such an issue, call ROOTERWORX to confirm. Some powdery substance on the bricks also indicates that your house has a brick foundation. A poured concrete foundation walls show cracking and shifting when the soil around the foundation gets saturated with water. Shifting alters walls formation and together with cracking, it gives you an alert sign to plan a repair. Both concrete and river stone foundations are stronger and more durable than a cinder block foundation. These foundation types you often find in homes in Canada. So, you get the reply, "what is my house foundation type?"

How To Repair Foundation Wall

Foundations walls need immediate attention if there are cracks or water leakage in the foundation. Often the mortar used to join the cinder blocks wears down because of weather and water. Hence, leaks happen. Houses in an area with excessive rain should not be built on a cinder block foundation. However, sometimes heavy rains fall unexpectedly in areas that do not usually experience much rain and the houses there have cinder block foundations. The soil gets water-logged and homes' foundations suffer. The cost of repair can be high. But don't worry, professionals at ROOTERWORX can offer you reliable services worth all the expenses.

You can search for how to repair a foundation wall but trying a DIY project is not always a good choice. Call ROOTERWORX and they will practically prove how to repair foundation wall efficiently.