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Structural Repair Makes Your Home Look Like a New Home

Damaged Foundation has many signs including stair-step cracks, diagonal cracks, vertical cracks.
Wear and tear of homes are inevitable. Weather, human traffic, and natural occurrences like earthquakes play a big role in the structural damage of buildings. Sometimes the damage is very slight and insignificant and other times it is quite obvious and needs immediate structural repair to protect a building from becoming shabbier. Whether big or small, damage should not be left as it is. Often, slight damage can become bigger with time. For example, broken edges of stair-steps damaged foundation, or loose bricks of a wall. Have these cracks and breakages repaired? Call professionals to have long-lasting solutions. ROOTERWORX offers modern solutions for all types of structural damage in buildings. It is durable and satisfying.

Structural Damage of the Foundation

The Foundation of your home mostly suffers from damage because of excessive water in the ground. Water seeps through the structure and causes considerable harm to the foundation. If proper foundation structural repair is applied, damage can be controlled. Otherwise, the damage can reach to walls and ceiling which will cost you heavily in repair work.

Another reason is tree roots. When trees grow bigger, their roots oread far and deep. Roots can crack drain pipes and even concrete structures. Professional builders repair the damage while keeping up the esthetics of your home. Hence, it looks new after the structural damage of the foundation is fully repaired.

Diagonal Cracks in Your Home

You may have seen them in old walls. The crack is inclined. It appears at the surface of a wall or foundation. The reason is extreme pressure that exceeds the compressive strength of a wall or foundation. Often the diagonal cracks appear where the clay soils change their volume because of fluctuating water content. So, the pressure increases on one portion of the foundation. Often walls resist the effects of pressure on the foundation and suffer from diagonal cracks. If you see diagonal cracks in your home foundation or walls, don't be late in calling professionals from Rooterworx to plan a structural repair of cracks. It is always good to solve a problem while it is in its beginning stages.

Repairing Stair-Step Cracks

Same as the pressure of underground changes causes cracks on the foundation, it causes cracks on the stair steps as well. They are common in homes and buildings where foundation cracks have also appeared. So, they indicate problems in the foundation of a building. Often bowing walls put immense pressure on stair steps and the concrete cracks. If the stairs are inside the building, the cracks would usually be horizontal. If the foundation is made of bricks, the outside stairs of the building show cracks because the foundation is settling. Regardless of the shape and type of stair-step cracks, it is better to find the reason for cracks before you apply repair methods.

The damaged foundation and steps need your immediate attention. So, call Rooterworx for long-term repair work. A damaged foundation is an alarming sign that your home may suffer from major cracks and breakage if you do not treat the underlying reasons for damage. Only professional builders can offer you reliable services. Hence, always call them for the best advice and services!