How to Fix a Concrete Floor

Concrete Surface repair, ROOTERWORX repairs concrete surfaces with single or multiple cracks.
Patching a Concrete Floor

There may come times when a crack appears on your concrete foundation. Such a thing can be disastrous for your house because water finds its way into your basement, thereby leading to basement water pooling and basement wall water seepage. Believe it or not, basement flooding can prove not only financially expensive but also sentimentally damaging because it can ruin your expensive, sometimes rare items.

When this happens, you need to go for concrete foundation crack repair immediately. Here's how to go about with the process:

1. Level the bottom of the hole using a hammer and a chisel. Undercut the sides slightly so that the patch on the floor doesn't pop loose. Then, clean the spot using a wire brush and wipe it clean. You also need to get a concrete sealing liquid.

2. The bonding liquid could still be tacky, but you should blend the concrete with water and put some of it into the cracked patch. Press the sealant in the corners and also against the edges using a trowel. Then, fill the hole fully, leaving just some material piled up on top.

3. Finally, you have to level the patch using a straight-edged board. Move the board back and forth. This motion pushes down the patched aggregate and makes it easier to do the last smoothing. When the patched surface feels firm to the touch, smoothen it using a wood or magnesium trowel in a fanning motion. This will blend the edges properly with the concrete. For getting a texture, you should use a damp broom over the concrete.

After taking these concrete foundation crack repair steps, you should wait for at least 24 hours for it to cure.