ROOTERWORX specializes in all kinds of concrete repairs: concrete foundation repair, concrete foundation crack repair, concrete flaking/ chipping (concrete surface repair).

Concrete Restoration

Concrete gets deteriorated over time, and ROOTERWORX knows how to restore it to life again!
We use innovative concrete repair technology that allows us to restore even heavily damaged concrete slabs, patios, steps without the need for a new installation.
Concrete Surface Repair
Concrete is an excellent material that could be reinstalled as many times as needed, but it is quite expensive when instead of concrete repair you do a completely new installation of the whole wall, floor, or column. ROOTERWORX company use advanced technology that allows restoration of the concrete structure with improving its properties. The material that we use would penetrate inside of the crack, where it bonds the structure from the inside. Additionally, it activates by water; it works perfect on wet or damp, exposed to water concrete surfaces, it is self-healing and easy to apply. This technology is extremely efficient and cost-effective.
Concrete Patch Repair
If your concrete is chipping, flaking has dents or scratches - no problem! ROOTERWORX makes the application of a thin concrete layer without extensive demolition of the previous concrete. We do not use plain concrete; we use concrete polymers that have excellent adhesive properties. It would bond with the existing slab and become one monolithic piece.