Foundation and Structural Repairs

Concrete Foundation Repair
At ROOTERWORX, we know how to address small and complex foundation problems. Concrete foundations tend to have cracks, breaks, leaks, and pinholes over time.

We use the right tool and right hands to make foundation reliable, sealed, and good for years. We use technology that bonds concrete structure from the inside and makes it possible to withstand water, harsh weather, and significant pressure. Concrete foundation repair is an efficient and incredibly cost-effective practice. (learn more about concrete surface repair service)

Please call our office to inquire about foundation repair services 416-400-2685.

Foundation underpinning is a process of reinforcing structure integrity. Structural damage is damage to load barring walls, while load barring walls holds the whole structure, and any damage to it should be addressed on time for safety reasons.
Another reason for underpinning might be the change in the loading capacity of the structure.
Foundation Parging
Foundation parging is one of our services that could give a beautiful fresh new look to the house, facility, or any structure! Our specialists know how to make different types of parging; you could choose a color and texture additive to your liking. We provide residential and commercial parging services. Also, we do parging restoration or match the color to the existing foundation wall parging. Please contact our office for more information at 416-400-2685.