Foundation and Structural Repairs

Foundation is a base, and we know how to keep it strong.

Our foundation experts know how to fix, reinforce, install, and keep it solid for years to come.
Foundation Repairs
At ROOTERWORX, we know how to address small and complex foundation repairs. We use the right tool and right hands to make foundation strong, sealed, and good for years to come. Concrete foundations tend to have cracks, leaks, and pinholes during the course of a lifespan. We use technology that allows us to bond concrete inside, and possible to withstand water, harsh weather, and big pressure.
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Foundation Crack Repair
Foundation is a base of your house and needs to be stable. There are a few different types of foundations. Most common is raised foundation which supports floors, load-bearing walls, and it is also a perimeter wall for an existing basement. Another is a concrete block foundation. Regardless of the type of foundation, cracks along the base of the wall are severe signs of the damage to the foundation. Water and temperature jumps would weaken it over time.
Foundation Cracks are the most common issue; it is the first sign of damage to the house foundation. Homeowners may ignore it for years. However, it may become a bigger problem with a time which destroys the whole structure and interior if you have the basement as a living space.
Please call our office to get advice about basement foundation repair options 416-400-2685.
Foundation Parging
Foundation parging is one of our services that could give a beautiful fresh look to your house! Our specialists know how to make different types of parging, you could choose a color and texture to your liking. We provide residential and commercial parging services. Also, we could restore and match the color of a foundation wall parging. Please contact our office for more information.
Foundation Crack Injections
We also specialize in foundation crack injections, our specialists know how to fill the crack appropriately, so it becomes a strong point in the foundation. If it is done right, it bonds the wall, and we guarantee - this crack won't leak again!
Call our office 416-400-2685 to book our foundation specialist to access the foundation problem and prevent basement leakage!
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