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Foundation Parging

A proper foundation parging requires lots of skills, and time for preparation and application process.
A cracked foundation is a common problem for an aging house. The overall look of the house gets affected when the foundation cracks. This usually happens when the soil around the foundation walls becomes oversaturated, which swells and pushes the structure inwards. Water pressure under the basement floor also may causes cracks that leak. The damaged foundation should be repaired instantly. And this can be done well with the help of ROOTERWORX services professionals.


Foundation parging is the coating that is applied to the visible portion of the home's foundation walls. It is applied to both cracked foundations and damaged foundations in order to hide surface imperfections and marks. This procedure is not a remedy for fixing the leak issue, but it definitely improves the appearance.


  • The surface should be free of any brittle material and lose pieces
  • The surface needs to be wet/moistened before the foundation parging is done.
  • The mixture must be prepared in accordance with a professional's instructions. The color may vary depending on the material mixture you use, and you should consider wet material is darker; after the parging layer is dried completely, it would be lighter on few tones
  • The curing temperature that should be at least 5°C should be maintained for better results.
  • Foundation parging should be timely moistened at the time of the curing period.

Foundation parging can be repaired in a lot of cases. In the cases where cracks appear, it needs to be fixed on time, do the crack do not grow larger, or with a time a piece could come off completely.

In the case of severe cracked foundation, the old parging should be removed there and then. Apply a new coat immediately. A damaged or uneven area can easily be covered with the help of good foundation parging.


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