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What Are the Different Types of Foundation Cracks?

Concrete cracks, along with the steps or the base of the stairs. If the process began, that would destroy the steps sooner or later, depending on many factors. At ROOTERWORX, we provide a comprehensive assessment of the situation and offer free professional advice on how better to repair.
Did you know that the foundation is the most vital part of your home? A single crack in the foundation can be unsettling as it can lead to several problems, from foundation leak to basement wall water seepage, basement flooding, and more during the wet season. There are different types of crack that call for foundation repair. Foundation crack repair depends widely on the type of crack.

The different types of cracks in the foundation include the following.

- Vertical or diagonal cracks

These cracks run vertically or diagonally in the block foundation. The cracks are a result of settling in the concrete foundation, meaning it is caused when the concrete shrinks while curing. It is a common problem in new construction and is also called shrinkage crack.

- Horizontal cracks

These cracks are considered to be more serious problems as they are caused by hydrostatic pressure from the outside of the walls. These cracks need to be addressed immediately.

- Stair step cracks

At times, the concrete block foundation wall can crack due to soil pressure or concrete settlement, and form a stair-step pattern. They indicate a foundation problem and need to be addressed sooner than later.

In addition to these, some foundations are beyond repair. Concrete foundation crack repair does not come in handy when cracks that change direction. Foundation crack repair is not viable even when the vertical foundation cracks are wider at the top than the bottom, and when you can fit a dime through the foundation crack. Talk to an expert before you conclude foundation repair.