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What to Do When You See Signs of Structural Damage

Gaps, cracks in the foundation are signs that it needs examination by the structural specialist.
Your home needs some maintenance every couple of years. It can be painting or repairing spalling concrete or any other maintenance work. You can observe signs of structural damage on the walls, stairs, ceiling, floor, and even doors and windows. Some signs are the result of water seepage in the building and some signs indicate wear and tear because of aging. The impacts of weather and soil settling under the ground appear on the floor, doors, windows, and walls. You can see cracks, crumbling concrete, bumps, gaps, etc. You need to take an action fast after these signs of structural damage become obvious. A structural crack is not a direct threat to your house but it can grow worse with time and become a big problem if you do not repair it at the start.

Walls or Doors Not Properly Aligned

It is very common to see one or more doors in your home do not latch or start rubbing against the frame or sag. The first thing that comes to mind after seeing a door not aligned is the security of your home and family. You know that if the door is not properly shut and locked, anything can happen. When walls or doors not properly aligned, you need to call ROOTERWORX. The company employs professional builders who can understand why walls or doors not properly aligned in your home and what is the solution.

Old doors drop because the hinges screws go loose in their place. When you try to screw them back in the place they keep spinning and do not fit tightly in their place. Other times, the door frame may need fixing and not the door.

Walls puff because of condensation. Structural cracks in the foundation can affect the walls badly. The direct result of puffed or cracked walls can be on windows and doors. They do not align with the frame and shutting them becomes almost impossible. So, the situation can be complex and only professionals can fix the problem.

Signs of Structural Damage in Your Home

Signs of structural damage start small. They look insignificant at the start. Often homeowners ignore them because they don't find any serious threat behind them. Every structural crack or sign of damage is an indication of larger future damage to the building. You better solve the problems at the start. Otherwise, the bigger damage needs more time, budget, and effort. Often, bigger damage can weaken the foundation of your house. So, a structural crack in the ceiling or walls is an alert sign to call ROOTERWORX. Sometimes, the cracks indicate a deeper problem in the foundation of your house. Only professional builders can reach the root cause and suggest the best solution.

Structural Foundation Problems

When a structural crack appears in the foundation of your home, guess any of three factors – temperature changes, soil shrinkage, or soil pressure. These sorts of cracks are very serious and pose a direct threat to the integrity of your home structure. If you see horizontal cracks wider or equal to ¼ inch, get ready to consult ROOTERWORX. You need to solve the structural foundation problems with the help of professionals. They offer you the best solutions for your home structure and integrity.

A gapped foundation is another serious issue indicating that the foundation is settling into the poorly compacted and moisture-rich soil below. So, the solution is not only flawless repair of the gapped foundation but also addressing the issue of soil below the foundation. You need to hire skilled and experienced builders for the structural foundation problems before it is too late.