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Finding Out Causes of a Wet Basement and Repairing Leaks

You can observe the wet basement signs. Either there is obvious water drip on the walls or mold-and-mildew is telling the story of dampness in your basement. You likely do not need to call experts to tell you if your basement is suffering from dampness or no. But finding the cause is entirely a different matter. You need professional builders to search for the cause because without knowing the exact cause, you cannot solve the problems of your wet basement.

Issues that Cause a Wet Basement

The first cause of your wet basement is the poor construction of your home. The guttering on your roof should be wide enough to let the rainwater flow off the roof immediately. The longer the water stays on your roof the more chances it has to seep straight into your home and eventually the basement. Also, clean the spouts regularly from fallen leaves and pollen to ensure smooth drainage of rainwater.

The ground around your home should be paved slopy to allow the water to flow away from your home quickly. The highest point of the slope should be at your home foundation wall. Then, it should run gently down towards the yard. This slope can prevent basement flooding and basement dampness.

The exterior of the basement needs proper high-quality sealing during the construction. This preventive step averts the basement mold-and-mildew issues, damp smell, and wet walls. Waterproofing is a preventive measure that saves you thousands of dollars in basement leak repair. So, if you are building your home, be mindful of all the steps that prevent water from seepage into your foundation.

Cold Room Leak

Cold room leak is similar to the issue of a wet basement. Same as there can be a wet basement, there can be a wet cold room. The causes are heavy rains and melting snow in the spring season. Cold room leak happens when water seeps through the walls of the cold room slowly. So, the leaks are usually caused by rains and snowfall. Wherever is the point of the water leak, you need proper investigation of the whole room or basement.

For an accurate inspection of the cold room or basement, call ROOTERWORX – waterproofing company. They will send their expert builders to the location and examine the leak and its causes. You know that efficient basement leak repair depends on the initial inspection. If the initial inspection was accurate and the exact reason comes to light the basement leak repair work becomes effective and long-lasting.

Act Fast in Applying Repair Solutions

Water seepage is destructive for your home. It does not show the signs of destruction fast because the damage from wetness is a slow process. But, if it gets too late to treat the leak, your cost of repair would be quite high and a lot of work would be needed. To keep the basement leak repair work within your budget, call ROOTERWORX – waterproofing company as soon as you see the first sign of wetness in the basement. Only then, you will be able to overpower the damage effectively.