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Basement Flooding Subsidy Program Toronto

Sump Pump needs maintenance throughout the lifespan; depending on the sump pump, you have installed, and the frequency of usage it needs replacement in 3-6 years.
Whenever heavy rains hit Toronto, it's common to see sewers of homes overflowing. In such situations, it's important for people to take necessary action to lower the chances of basement flooding. Hence, there's a Basement Flooding Subsidy Program in Toronto under which homeowners having single-family, duplex, as well as triplex homes can get a subsidy amount of up to $3,400 per home to install necessary flood protection systems. Works that are eligible under the Basement Flooding Subsidy Program in Toronto include the following:

Installation of sump pumps

Installation of backwater valves

Removal and capping of storm sewers and/or weeping tile connections

The process of disconnection downspouts from eaves trough systems of a property is outside the purview of the Basement Flooding Subsidy Program in Toronto. Also, individual rebates may differ depending on the circumstances of the case.

How to apply?

Homeowners can download and complete the Basement Flooding Subsidy Program form. When applying for installation of backwater valves and sump pumps, homeowners will have to get a building permit. They also need to fill and sign a Consent to Enter form and attach it with their application form. The Toronto Building Staff will then verify the form and the condition, and install the devices as per the requirements laid down by the program.

Basement flooding prevention

To prevent basement drain back up and basement flooding, homeowners should always maintain their flood prevention devices in ways directed by the manufacturer. They should consider including a proper alarm system when installing a backwater valve to get notified whenever there is a basement drain back up.