Basement Flooding

Professional drain, waterproofing, and foundation repair company.
Basement could get flooded for many reasons, and ROOTERWORX company specializes in repairing any floodings - watermain repair, sewer back up, foundation water damage repair.
We take care of the water damage and sewage damage (if there was a sewage backup), dry out space; we make sure there are no mold and fungus growings in the house.

Moreover, we provide basement flooding protection devices installation in commercial and residential units. ROOTERWORX company is fully licensed and insured to provide that type of work.

Our specialists install a backflow valve on the lateral pipe to prevent sewage backup in the building's lower levels; sump pump installation prevents flooding for the areas with a high water table and regions prone to floodings due to heavy rainfalls, extensive snowmelts. Additionally, we install sump pump battery backup.* Sump pump battery backup is used to secure the existing sump pump if the primary sump pump fails.

Foundation repair and waterproofing are a whole new level too. We offer internal waterproofing (water control system installation), external waterproofing (traditional waterproofing method), foundation crack injection, and negative side waterproofing.

French drain installation service (weeping tile installation) is also available to improve the house's outdoor drainage system.

So, we have it covered from top to bottom! If there is any water penetration, you know where to call! Our drain and waterproofing experts provide comprehensive solutions. We work with infrared cameras to detect any deficiencies in the foundation, drain camera to detect drain problems, moisture meters to see moisture and mold in the basements, crawl spaces, etc.