Waterproofing company in Mississauga

How to Make Your Basement Waterproof

Basement is essential in every house. Homeowners prefer to have a basement in their homes for its many benefits. However, basement flooding and leak make it the most troublesome place at home. Once you find that water is leaking into your basement, you cannot comfortably use the basement. The entire atmosphere becomes ridden with the damp smell. Walls show ugly signs of the water leak. The interior air is not healthy for human stay. If you see any sign that tells you that you have a leaky basement, call a waterproofing company in Mississauga. Find basement wall repair solutions as soon as possible because a delay can increase the problem.

Why Basement Leak happens

The worst enemy of your basement is unsettled soil. Water pressure increases where the soil is weak. Heavy rains and melting snow add too much water to the soil. The water-saturated soil around the basement enlarges with excessive water and presses against the foundation. Soon the water in the soil gets absorbed in the basement walls and foundation.

Another reason for the foundation leak is poor drainage around your home. Often the rainwater flows down your house roof from the downspouts. If these spouts are too close to your house structure, the water is emptied just at the foundation which is dangerous for it. Another reason can be the geographical situation of the area where your house is built. If the water table is high in the ground, your basement will suffer from the leak. In this case, you need basement water draining besides basement wall repair. The houses situated in Mississauga are very close to Lake Ontario and the water table is high in the ground. Hence, the foundations are waterproof to prevent water leaks.

Reliable Waterproofing for Basements

There are some companies in Mississauga that offer reliable basement waterproofing services. You can call Rooterworx because they are doing basement waterproofing for many years. They provide waterproofing from inside and from the outside of the basement. If you want a long-term foundation leak solution, go for an external repair option. This process prevents water from entering the wall structure. Hence, the walls remain strong and intact for many years to come.

However, internal waterproofing is good in some basements. So, you cannot decide on your own what option you should go for. Call Rooterworx to know what they suggest for your basement if it is leaking.

Basement Flooding Treatment

There are different methods for preventing basement flooding. The popular methods are Sump Pump and Backwater Valve; and pipe severance, and capping. If you have a sump pump and your basement still floods, you may need to repair the pump or replace it if it has completed its working age. You need professional service for effective and reliable leak prevention. Only a licensed and experienced waterproofing company in Mississauga can help you with basement wall repair. Do not go for cheaper services offered by individual contractors or handymans. A company takes responsibility for its services. Therefore, in case of a fault or failed service, you can ask for your money back.