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How To Clean Clogged Drains and Sewers

One of the gravest problems that inhabitants of old homes face is drain blockage. It happens in the bathrooms because dirt, skin flakes, and fallen hair bind together with the soap scum in the drains and blocks the water flow. In the kitchen drains the fat and grease from used utensils is mostly responsible for the drain pipe blockage. In all these cases, you need proper and thorough drain line cleaning.

The Best Way to Clean Bathroom or Kitchen Drain

The best way to keep the bathroom and kitchen drain clean is to act beforehand. Acting in advance means you keep cleaning the drain at a fixed time regularly throughout the year. The first thing you do is to mark your calendar once every month to clean the lines. The next thing to do is to buy drain cleaners with every month's grocery, for example, one bottle for each drain. Use the drain cleaners according to the given directions All fat, grease, dirt, and scum will wash away when it is still light and small in amount. Cleaning agents specially manufactured for opening the drains can help you in this job. But, if the drain pipe blockage is beyond your personal measures, find drain power flushing services in your area.

What Is Drain Power Flushing

Power flushing or hydro jetting is the best and harmless solution for drains that have become blocked because of not cleaning for a long time. The dirt, grease, and soap scum make a solid and stubborn block with time. Hence, drain power flushing is needed to push the heavy block of filth and open the drains for smooth water flow. Power flushing is spraying highly pressurized water that shatters the block of dirt into tiny pieces. The debris is washed away from the drain lines with the heavy spray of water, leaving the drains clean and open. The flushing machines use specific nozzles, and jet water up to 3000 PSI for ultimate cleaning of all the blockage.

When You Should Drain Line Cleaning Professionals

Not always DIY drain cleaning works. Sometimes the problem is beyond your control. But, when it is the most urgent to call for professional drain line cleaning services?

The first situation when you need professional services is when your sewer line is clogged. Sewer line cleaning is a serious problem that requires immediate action and a hundred percent foolproof solution. For unclogging your sewer line, the DIY methods do not work because sewage can seep through other drains at home and reach your shower drain and even the kitchen sink drain.

The second situation is when you have multiple clogs at home. Clogging of more than one drain indicates a blockage in the main drain, and that is the job of professionals to check and clean.

The third situation is a foul odor lingering in your home interior. If your drains are not clogged yet, they give away an unpleasant smell which means some organic matter is stuck halfway through a drain, and bacteria is developing there. Call the professionals to find a permanent solution for this foul odor.

Sewer line cleaning is a recommended operation without blockage also. This cleaning is crucial if you own a commercial building and the drains bear a heavy load every day. You may not need professional services for sewer line cleaning if there is no blockage. The regular drain cleaning agents can keep the sewer in optimum working condition.


Drain blockage is usually occurs in bathrooms and kitchens. You can clean minor clogs yourself but need professional services like drain power flushing if the blocking body is too stubborn and you fail to unclog it yourself. To prevent blockage, it is best to wash the drains with some cleaning agent and hot water once a month. your kitchen drain and shower drain can easily be kept in the best working condition with this regular cleaning schedule. However, for sewer cleaning, you will need professional services because this job is beyond your DIY methods.