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What is Sewer Drain Power Flushing, and when do you need Sewer Drain Power Flushing?

Drain Power Flusher, small model for residential drain pipe power flushing.

It's extremely common for dirt, hair, and other types of contaminants to get caught in drains and pipelines and clogged them up and will need to be cleaned out. Such a problem can potentially lead to basement flooding and water pooling issues. Solving the problem is nothing a common homeowner can do. Hence, it called for the expertise of professional plumbers in most cases.

Sewer drain power flushing is considered an extremely effective means of solving this very common household problem. The process makes use of highly pressurized water, which can unclog the drains and sewage pipelines with the help of a specialized machine. The pressurized water is sprayed through drains and pipelines using intense pressure so that any blockages and debris is flushed away.

Sewer drain power flushing comes with a number of benefits. Firstly, the process keeps the drainage and pipeline system running properly and reduces the need for further, potentially expensive repair works. Also, it can be used for cleaning radiators and restoring their functionality, both in terms of heating up speedily and heating up water to a much higher temperature. It can also eliminate unpleasant noise from your system.

Last but not the least, sewer drain power flushing can help you keep your costs down by increasing its efficiency. Since pipelines will allow smoother flow of water, there will be less chances of basement flooding and resultant structural damages, which often burn a hole in homeowners' pockets.

Sewer drain power flushing is recommended about every five years or so. But the frequency depends on how you maintain your drain and pipelines regularly.