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Catch Basin Cleaning Can Prevent Street Flooding

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Catch basin is good edition to your home, it would keep your yard safe and sound during any flooding.
If you do not have a catch basin in your outdoor drain, you are missing great convenience. A catch basin is a functional instrument that makes your outdoor storm lines more efficient. Modern homes, commercial centers, public parking lots – all properties with the hard surface coverage exceeding 60% install catch basins to keep their properties, yards clean and dry. But you may observe a flooded catch basin after a heavy water runoff. Professional Catch basin cleaning is necessary from time to time for efficient water drainage. Keep reading to know more about what is a catch basin and how does it work.

What is a Catch Basin?

A catch basin is a cistern. It is designed to catch and keep the solid material flowing with groundwater and let the water flow through a drain pipe in the storm line. It is an essential tool for fixing street and yard gutters. A catch basin maintains smooth and consistent water drainage from the ground surface. It catches the trash flowing with water and gives water a smooth passage to flow through the drain line. But you need catch basin cleaning after every heavy rain or ground wash. When debris gets accumulated in the catch basin, they affect its function. Regular catch basin maintenance and cleaning keeps groundwater drainage smooth.

How Does a Catch Basin Work?

Cach basin works with a simple formula – it retains sediments and lets the water flow. Water takes debris and fallen tree leaves with it while flowing towards the drains. It works efficiently throughout the rainy season and during the spring when the snow melts on the condition that you schedule catch basin cleaning after every heavy rain. When rainwater flows with speed and carries a lot of debris with it, a catch basin gets filled. Hence, it needs cleaning. Overall, regular catch basin maintenance is key to efficient drainage.

The drains remove rainwater from any outdoor area like streets, home yard, car parking, etc. But rainwater carries with it whatever it can including fallen leaves, debris, trash. They enter a drain and if there is no catch basin installed in the drain, the leaves and other debris clog the storm line. Clogged storm lines cause floods in yards and streets. In this case, you need catch basin power flushing to clean it from the debris.

A Flooded Catch Basin

Catch basins help the runoff water keep flowing. It holds the debris in its basin and lets the water flow. But it gets flooded when you are late in cleaning it or when the heavy storms hit and a lot of leaves fall. In such cases, the streets flood and the water gets into the houses. You immediately call Rooterworx in such a situation They will come and perform catch basin power flushing. The operation does tale long. They clean the catch basin efficiently and it functions smoothly onwards.

Old catch basins need repair and not only catch basin cleaning. Rooterworx offers catch basin concrete repair also. So, if your street drain is old and concrete around it starts crumbling making even more solid blockage, or concrete wall has developed cracks, it is definitely need repair. You call the company and they will examine the catch basin and storm line to see where and how extensive the repair is needed. Old drains work best after the repair. So, call Rooterworx today for your old catch basin concrete repair.