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Water Main Break

A Watermain break is a severe problem that is supposed to be handled by a professional plumbing company. Delays may cost a hefty price.

The cause of the water main line break might be different, but it all leads to massive flooding.

The most common causes for water main to break are:

  • Frosts in January, February, March may move deeper, especially when there is little or no snow and freeze the water main, causing it to burst.
  • Temperature changes which cause the ground shifts, contraction, and expansion
  • Age. wear and use of the pipe may make it brittle, corroded and occasional pinholes may develop over time to significant holes/breakages in the pipe
There might be other reasons for the main water line breakage, but those are the most common.

Emergency water shut off is necessary when the main supply line breaks to prevent further erosion and flooding.

Flooding of the streets, parking, or living units may happen depending on the water supply pipe break location. It creates flooding and safety hazard for the people who might be around.

Furthermore, to the flooding and safety hazard to the public, the repair requires emergency water shut off, which usually, in such cases, comes without 24 hours prior notice.

If the main water pipe's breakage occurs under the ground, the water flow may wash out the soil, and significant voids under the foundation may occur.

That would add severe damage to the structure foundation and structure itself. Adequate support is vital in that case. ROOTERWORX specialize also in foundation repair and support. We cooperate together with reputable structural engineers like Slava Safonov, who has over 30 years of experience.
The complication of the situation develops fast and requires an immediate response.

At ROOTERWORX, we have emergency response crews capable of handling such projects without compromising one's health or safety!

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