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How to Remove Tree Roots in Sewer Line?

Tree roots invasion into sewer drain pipe is a common problem for homeowners in Toronto, Mississauga, and other older neighborhoods with old trees. Tree roots in search of nutrients grow into the drainpipe, clogging the pipe that often results in sewer drain backup.
Tree root intrusion is an extremely common problem in households. The issue can cause your main sewer pipeline to clog up and hinder the smooth flow of water. If left untreated, it can lead to basement flooding and water pooling issues—something that can cause severe damage to your foundation walls and even to your expensive belongings. Since your pipelines have water, oxygen and other nutrients, tree roots can grow naturally in them.

If you are facing a tree root intrusion problem, you might want to get in touch with an expert plumbing company. But there are other approaches to solving the problem:

1. Cutting tree roots: You can use a mechanical auger to cut off tree roots from your pipelines. The teeth on the rotating head of an auger cut the roots and clear them out. If you lack the necessary tools for this, you can definitely call for expert help.

2. Hydro jetting: You can go for a drain hydro jetting to clear out tree roots from your pipelines. The process may prove slightly expensive, but it's super effective. The process uses a powerful pump and pressurized water to clear out the way for water to flow smoothly.

3. Chemical treatment: The marketplace is full of special chemicals that can help you clear out tree root intrusion. Treating the problem with copper sulfate is extremely common. It proves effective by creating a poisonous barrier that prevents the growth of tree roots in your pipelines. You can also coat the entire pipeline with foaming agents that saturate the growth of tree roots.