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How to Go About With Crawl Space Waterproofing?

The water-permeable foundation of the building is a concern for a homeowner; it destroys the foundation causing mold issues in the basement or crawl space. Mold is a health concern for many households; it always could be checked in poorly ventilated lower level areas of the house.

Flooding in crawl space is a problem that's more common than most people think. Are you facing something similar? Then, fret not. Here are a few ways to go about with crawl space waterproofing:

1. Exterior crawl space waterproofing

Exterior crawl space waterproofing requires you to dig out the dirt from around the crawl space walls, and then applying a moisture barrier and finally putting up a dimple board that pushes away water from the wall. Sealing the crawl space wall with these materials also closes any structural cracks that may be causing water to enter. You will have to replace the dirt with gravel and install a drainage system that decreases hydrostatic pressure and keeps cracks from appearing again in the future. The process stops water right at its source. Most homeowners who do not wish to perform the work on the interior usually go for this type of crawl space waterproofing.

2. Interior crawl space waterproofing

There was indeed a time when exterior crawl space waterproofing was considered more superior than interior waterproofing. But those times have changed thanks to recent technological advancements. Depending on the location, age, and architecture of your home, you may think that the exterior can go for interior crawl space waterproofing, which is also quite a reliable way of solving the issue in homes. It's as effective as exterior crawl space waterproofing. The process is considered less labor-intensive compared to exterior waterproofing and can save you a huge sum. So, interior crawl space waterproofing helps you skip all the costly repairs and hassles of exterior excavation while serving the purpose just the same way.