Concrete & Foundation Crack Repair

Concrete Crack Repair
Concrete Surface repair, ROOTERWORX fixes not only concrete foundations but also simple concrete surfaces that developed cracks or imperfections through the usage and aging. We fix concrete floors, driveways, sidewalks, porches, steps, and more — two types of finish: smooth travel finish or salt-grain slip-resistant finish. We serve commercial facilities, high-rise buildings, small residential complexes.
We can fix multiple or single cracks, dents, chipping, and flaking, broken edges of the concrete surface.
Foundation Crack Repair
Foundation Crack Repair is in high demand as it allows for sealing single or multiple cracks in the foundation instead of waterproofing the whole wall or perimeter of the house with extensive excavation. Even if the crack leaks or has minor seepage of the water during heavy rainfalls and snowmelts. Sealing that crack would prevent water from coming into the basement or crawl space. The cost of the foundation crack repair is significantly lower, and what is most important it solves the problem as effectively as traditional foundation waterproofing.
If the house has a mold problem or basement level is damp or has high humidity, it is recommended to have foundation waterproofing instead. However, to fix single or multiple cracks that causing the problem would be a smart decision to have a foundation crack repair.