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Sewer Drain Cleaning
Our specialists work with all kind of drain snakes from small handheld plumber's snakes to heavy-duty commercial snakes and everything in between. Please call our office to inquire about the sewer drain cleaning to advice on cost and specifications 416-400-2685.
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Sewer Drain Camera Inspection
ROOTERWORX company focuses on Drains, we know everything about your drain problems. Additionally, to drain repairs, and installations, we perform color camera inspections; we detect the problem, find the location and severity of the blockage. We clear clogs in most of the cases, even the most hardened grease clogs we clear with a power flusher. However, sometimes might be blocked entirely with the wastes and drain snake is not able to clear the pipe, then we do excavation and change a specific part of the drain pipe.
Sewer Drain Spot Repair
Specific Drain problems require only spot replacement of the drain pipe. It is a relatively fast service, and over the years of experience, we develop the best methods to make it quality and cost-efficient to satisfy our customer's demands. Call our office to get a competitive quote 416-400-2685 and ask any question you may have. Also for Sewer Drain Spot Repair service, we provide 25-year transferrable warranty on labor.
Full Sewer Drain Line Replacement
When our specialists access the main drain problem, we consider all the factors. There might be few options to solve your sewer problem depending on the severity of it, the number of years of the drain line, your budget and etc. One of the services we provide full sewer drain line replacement is usually an option for older houses, where pipes are made of clay instead of PVC that is set as a standard by the City of Toronto nowadays. Clay pipes useful life is about 50-60 years while PVC pipes would serve over 100 years, so it is an excellent upgrade for your property that would make a return for you in the long run. *For full sewer drain line replacement we provide 25-year transferrable warranty on labor.
Backwater Valve Installation
ROOTERWORX specializes in BackWater Valve Installation. We are fully licensed and insured drain technicians. We help homeowners in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and GTA with the installation of Flood Protection Devices, and preparation of the documents to apply for the rebate.
If you would like to learn more about the Basement Flooding Protection Program in your City and about Basement Flooding Protection options, please press button below.
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Catch Basin Installation/Cleaning and Maintenance
If you have a water polling on your driveway, patio, or where the area paved with the concrete we recommend the installation of a catch basin, catch basin helps to collect excessive water around the house direct it away from the house foundation, and living area.
At ROOTERWORX Mississauga, we specialize in all kinds of drains and drainage issues, so we know how to make it work. We perform not only installations of catch basin but also catch basin cleaning and maintenance.