Foundation Crack Injection

We use best quality hydraulic epoxy to fill in foundation cracks under high pressure with special machinery.

Does your house need to get waterproofed?
Leaky basement issues?

We fix Foundation Cracks from the inside and outside of the foundation wall, and everything in between.
Internal Foundation Crack Injection
We perform both kinds of foundation crack repairs: Internal and External waterproofing Injections. We also provide our customers with other options on how to waterproof the assets. Best practice to repair cracks in poured concrete foundation walls and/or solid concrete walls is to install several injection ports (which serve as an entry port for the material to get into the foundation crack), apply epoxy resin under high pressure to get the deepest and smallest parts of the crack.
We use a special tool machine to inject resin under high pressure into the foundation wall cracks.
Foundation crack injection requires skills and experience to install. Moreover, except for technician's abilities; foundation injection requires high-quality resins (typically available to specialized waterproofing contractors), equipment, and proved, tested procedures. If you would like a first-time result, you must select a trusted waterproofing contractor that specializes in foundation injections that performed that kind of waterproofing before.
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