Basement Lowering

Transform your basement or crawl space in a comfortable living area, add value to your home and earn extra cash from your home.
We do basement lowering fast, safe, and according to the building code of Ontario.
Basement Underpinning
We provide a free estimate for basement underpinning.
It is a complex project which consists of many vital procedures. Our professionals know how to perform Basement foundation underpinning RIGHT from the begging till finish.
Many Toronto homeowners are interested in getting their basements underpinned.
It allows people to increase living space square footage and thus increase the value of the property on the real estate market.
Finishing steps include newly poured concrete floor, additional inside drainage, and interior waterproofing. With basement lowering, you also get many other services that are already included in the price of the basement underpinning project, making it an excellent investment.
Call ROOTERWORX office to inquire about basement underpinning 416-400-2685.

Bench Footing
Foundation Bench footing is a less complicated and thus cheaper option compared to the basement underpinning. However, it does not increase basement space as much, and the best value for the money invested would be basement foundation underpinning. In some cases, yes, to underpin foundation is not possible - might be too risky.
Also, Foundation bench footing is a faster option as it does not need that much work.
Please call in our office to learn the difference and a ask question you may have 416-400-2685.